The 36th International Conference on Logic Programming

Cosenza and Rende

About Cosenza

Rende is part of the metropolitan area of Cosenza, counting around 269,000 inhabitants. The origins of Cosenza date back to the 4th century B.C., when the area was strategically important to the Bruttians. The historical center of Cosenza hosts a Cathedral, an Hohenstaufen Castle, the Rendano Theater, the Calatrava Bridge and the Open Air Museum.

More detailed information can be found following this link. A PDF booklet can be downloaded here.

About Rende

The University of Calabria is located in Rende. The population of Rende amounts to around 35,000, but increases to more than 60,000 if non-residential university students living there are taken into account. The University is located in the modern area, but don't miss the opportunity to visit the historical center and its Norman Castle.