The 36th International Conference on Logic Programming

How to enter in the online platform

This page contains the instructions for entering the ICLP 2020 online platform.

Installing Microsoft Teams

Participants registered to the conference must attend by using Microsoft Teams.
Open the above link (you might be asked to switch to the Microsoft website of your country, it is fine to accept), and click on the "Download for Desktop" button. You may be asked to download the installer for you operating system

Windows and Mac versions support all features, while the Linux version lacks some features like the "rise your hand" tool. If possible, we suggest using a Windows PC or a Mac to attend the conference.

Getting your credentials

Upon registration, you should have received an email in Italian from "Microsoft on behalf of your organisation" ("” ), as shown below, containing your personal credentials to login on Microsoft Teams.
(In case you did not receive the account before September 18, please write us).

Join the conference on Microsoft Teams

You can now open Microsoft Teams, and login with your credentials (after logging in, you are free to change your temporary password).
Once logged in, you can join the team dedicated to the conference in two different ways:

  1. Either follow this link: and you should be asked to join the team using the desktop app you just installed, or

  2. after you have logged in via the Microsoft Teams app, go to the "Teams" section on the left, and then click the "Join or create team" button (see the screenshot reported below). There, in the "Join a team with code" box, you can enter the conference team code rn39u0x.

(Note that: In case you ask to join the team before the conference starts you will be put in waiting for approval status, none will be approved before September 18.)

Attending a session

After joining the team, you will find different "channels" on the left. Each channel is dedicated to a specific session/event.

You can join a channel by clicking on its name.

Once in a channel, when the session starts, you will see a box letting you join the meeting.

To ask questions, you can either "rise your hand" with the dedicated tool, or write in the chat of the channel.

Access to the recorded talks

In case you could not attend a talk, or you simply wish to watch it again, each session (channel) hosts the prerecorded videos of all talks for that session.

You can access the videos by first entering the desired channel, and then by clicking on the "Files" link at the top.

Help Desk

  • Once in the platform to get help enter the "Help Desk" and write a post, the organising committee will be happy to answer your questions.


Instruction for presenters