The 36th International Conference on Logic Programming

How to moderate a session

This page contains the instructions for session chairs moderating sessions in the ICLP 2020 online platform.

Session chairs in ICLP 2020 will have a role similar to that played in regular, physical conference sessions, i.e., announce the speaker and moderate question and answer.

Session chairs are supported by a technical chair who will be managing the technical aspects of the session within the conference platform.

You are expected to join the session 10 minutes in advance (you should already see a meeting scheduled by the technical chair at this point: simply join it), and check the presence of the presenters.

At the start of the session, since presentations will be delivered as pre-recorded videos, you will only need to announce the speaker, the technical chair will then share the video and play it in streaming.

Once the video presentation ends you will have to manage the *live Q&A*.

Participants can ask questions either by writing in the chat, or by virtually raising their hand.

After you joined the meeting, you can see the chat of the meeting, by clicking on the "text baloon icon", as shown in the picture below:

To see how raised their hands, you can check in the "Participants" section, by clicking on the "Participants" button, as shown below:

In case there is no question from the audience the chair is expected to ask a question.

You can consult the program on the following page:


Instruction for presenters