Panel on Machine Ethics


Organizers: Stefania Costantini and Francesca A. Lisi - Invited Paper [PDF, bib]

Speakers: Stefania Costantini, Esra Erdem, Luis Pereira, Francesca Rossi and Giovanni Sartor

14:30 - 14:35: Welcome (chair: Francesca Alessandra Lisi)

14:35 - 14:45: Introduction (speaker: Stefania Costantini) [Slides, Video]

14:45 - 15:20: Roundtable (chair: Francesca A. Lisi; panelists: Esra Erdem, Luis Moniz Pereira, Francesca Rossi, Giovanni Sartor)

15:20 - 15:30: Q/A & Wrap-up (chair: Stefania Costantini)